Do you love Smart Home products as much as we do? Today we want to introduce you to our favorite Smart Home products. Perfect for those who live in a rented apartment but still want the comfort and security that Smart Home offers. We’ll take you on a digital tour of our home.

For us, Smart Home starts at the front door.

Of course, nello one overcomes the first obstacle: the front door. Send digital keys, automatically open the door with Homezone Unlock or create a time window. We all already know the advantages of nello one 🙂 And the best thing about it: you can simply retrofit the existing intercom system in your rented apartment. When you move to a new apartment, nello simply accompanies you to your new home. Smart cameras such as ring ensure that you keep everything under control and, above all, keep track of your entrance doors.

We continue to the second door – your apartment door.

You can retrofit your apartment door as well, as there are many Smart Locks on the market. For example, we like Danalock, Nuki and Yale ENTR. We compare which door lock is suitable for you on our pageWhen we arrive at the apartment, we also need some light, of course. Smart lighting control, such as from Phillips Hue or Tradfri from IKEA not only create a pleasant atmosphere, but are also very easy to control. Just like nello one and the Smart Locks, it can also be controlled via Amazon Alexa.

It’s great, of course, if it’s already cosy and warm when you get home, especially in winter. The tado or Nest smart thermostat make it possible. Smart side effect – you also save on heating costs. But now we want to really relax on this cosy autumn evening.

And here we are already with the next topic: Voice control over our assistants Alexa or Google Home.

In order to dance to your favourite song throughout the whole apartment, smart sound systems like Sonos fill every corner with music. Alexa helps us with the right playlist. Whether you want to play music, dim the lights, or do a quick mental arithmetic, Alexa and the Google Home Assistant always know the right answer and will never tire of executing your commands. And the smart loudspeakers also look fancy. Our smartphone can finally finish work and stay in the pocket.

Phew… first take a look at the sofa and a little Netflix? No problem, thanks to Smart TV. If you don’t have a Smart TV, normal TVs can also be easily upgraded with Amazon Fire Stick.

But now a little snack to the blockbuster. I wonder if there’s anything left of the tasty guacamole in the fridge. Thanks to the smart fridge, you won’t run the risk of crawling out unnecessarily under the blanket in the future. Samsung’s Family Hub has a built-in camera that streams your view of the smartphone into the fridge. My snack is still there! The fridge also helps you to shop smarter during your grocery shopping. The movie is over and the heroes have once again saved the world.

If you like, smart gadgets even accompany you into the bedroom.

To start the next day after a short night full of energy Philipps Smart Sleep can help you. Developed with scientists, the system helps to give you a restful sleep. Disturbing light from the road is automatically banned by smart blinds like Lutron’s. Now nothing stands in the way of restful sleep.

In the morning the smell of fresh coffee wakes you up. Your smart coffee machine is already awake. Of course, that’s very good for a morning grumbler. Especially if you have invited friends for breakfast at 9am. Now quickly prepare the rest of the breakfast and then it already rings at the door. “Alexa, please open the door with nello”. So we have our hands free to get the last things out of the fridge.

And already the friends are at the apartment door. “How tidy the apartment is and how beautiful the houseplants bloom”, we gladly accept as compliments. Nobody has to know that our vacuum robot sweeps away every crumb independently. The missing green thumb is replaced by smart flowerpots. Parrot Pots water the plants independently and fertilize them if necessary.

It’s nice that these smart solutions give me the time to concentrate on the important things – like having a cosy breakfast with friends.

Which Smart Home products do you use in your home? Just write us on and let us know.


Photo by Thomas Kolnowski on Unsplash