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Forget about in-home deliveries – Hallway deliveries are the next big thing

We at nello started out five years ago with the mission to simplify urban life. The most important pillar to achieve that for our customers is through unattended delivery. It allows our customers to do whatever they want without having to be… Continue Reading →

nello and Tasker – Routines have never been this exciting

After we recently had a look at how to implement nello into Homebridge we decided to keep going and today we want to introduce another application. This time, however, we won’t be talking about a Smart Home Hub that we… Continue Reading →

Android Wear OS: Open the door with nello via Smart Watch

Maybe you’ve already seen and tested it. Since one of our latest Android app updates, it is now possible to open it directly via push notifications. (Dear iOS users, this doesn’t work for you yet, but it will work very… Continue Reading →

Smart solutions for your parcel delivery

7 out of 10 internet users in the EU like to shop online. No wonder, because never before has the selection of online shops been so large and the delivery conditions so handy. The parcel industry is also feeling the… Continue Reading →

Homezone Unlock: How does auto unlock work with nello?

We asked you, our nello users, about your favorite feature and besides Swipe to Unlock it’s Homezone Unlock. Sure, who doesn’t want the door to open automatically? Your smartphone can simply stay in your pocket and nello one will automatically… Continue Reading →

Smart office access for your employees

Wednesday morning, 9:05 a.m. at the office. The day begins with full concentration. The coffee cup in the left hand, computer mouse in the right hand and focused on the screen. Suddenly “DING DONG” rings. Open the door and get… Continue Reading →

5 solutions for the key handover

If the topic of “key handover” wouldn’t be always so time-consuming, renting the holiday home would be even more fun. We have collected the best solutions for you. (Incidentally not only interesting for hosts, also Airbnb fans can look forward… Continue Reading →

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