Cities suffer a lot from the ever increasing delivery traffic that stems from the rapid e-commerce growth. It causes congested streets, air pollution, stressed couriers and unhappy citizens. Why is that the case?

Last mile deliveries to consumers happen during the day.

Most of the deliveries take place between 8am and 6pm, some also a bit later until 10pm. Until today, that process was a given. The line of thinking was that deliveries can only take place during daytime. Why? Because recipients need to be awake (and ideally present) in order to receive their packages.

However, delivering during the day comes with severe problems for cities.

As delivery traffic is responsible for a big amount of congestion and pollution within cities. It adds additional vehicles to the streets during the day causing more air pollution and noise, but even more severe each of these delivery vans needs to stop between 100 to 200 times a day. As parking space is very hard to find, these vans frequently park second row and limit a road’s capacity tremendously. This is a major reason for congestion, which leads to slower travel times, more air pollution and more noise within cities. In the end this causes more stress and unhappy citizens. At the same time package couriers get stressed because they feel the anger they cause for other motorists and cyclists.

And deliverers hardly ever meet the recipients at their address.

Because online shoppers usually don’t spend their whole day at home waiting for the next package to arrive. As a consequence the current situation also makes recipients unhappy because they do not receive their parcels directly, but they need to start chasing them after they returned from work from various places. Ideally, the package was delivered to a friendly neighbor. In the worst case, the recipient needs to collect his package from some crowded pick-up place with very restricted opening hours that is far away, so he needs to go there by car. Adding even more traffic to the cities’ streets.

What if parcel deliveries happened at night?

At night, the roads are empty, the couriers can get their work done without any interference and all citizens would have a small Christmas experience every morning when they open their apartment door to find the latest “gifts” from Amazon & Co sitting peacefully at their doorstep. What is necessary to make this possible?

The nello solution: Secure keyless access to apartment buildings.

We at nello, help cities to become a better place. With the help of our unique smart upgrade for existing intercom phones, authorized couriers can open the main entrance door with their smartphones at night without waking anyone up. They silently climb the stairs and put the deliveries in front of the apartment door. Shifting deliveries to the night decreases traffic during the day, makes the couriers’ life easier and makes online shoppers happier. If you want to find out more, check out nello night logistics.