Many parents know the problem: You have just brought the child to sleep and then it rings at the front door and the child is awake again.

The same applies to dog owners – many dogs don’t even like it when the doorbell rings and start to bark loudly.

How nice would it be to simply mute the bell?

But what happens when the bell is rung? After all, it’s not the best solution if important visitors or packages are missed.

Fortunately, nello one offers a remedy here – with every ring at your doorbell, you receive a push notification directly on your smartphone and can then open your front door.

If this might be interesting for you, because you are new parents or a dog owner or if you work shifts, we have put together some instructions on how to mute the intercoms we know (of course without any guarantee :)).

(First of all, it is important to know that unfortunately not every intercom phone can be set to silent).

Silent mode is not a problem with many intercom systems.

There are many common intercom systems in which muting can be done at the touch of a button, e.g. Siedle:

  • Siedle:
    • Bus systems from Siedle usually have their own mute button. The button is easily recognisable, as a small crossed-out bell is shown on it.
      (see e.g. model: Siedle BTS 850-0)
    • Many direct-wired systems from Siedle have a controller. This button is easy to find as well.
      (see e.g. model: HTA 811-0)
  • Ritto:
    The ringtone can also be turned off on many Ritto models. Here the button with the bell has to be pressed briefly. The button then lights up and even indicates muting.
    (see e.g. model: Ritto 1 7230)

With other intercom models, it’s no so easy to mute them, but it is often possible.

If you’re not one of the lucky ones who can turn off the doorbell simply by pressing a button, we’ve put together a little do-it-yourself guide here. Frequently, you can also set your system in silet mode in a few steps:

What you need:

  • a small screwdriver (e.g. the small nello screwdriver)
  • a connecting clamp (available in every DIY store and at Amazon, for example, like here)


How you proceed:

  1. Remove the casing of your intercom (our video shows how easy it is to open an intercom system).
  2. Take a picture of the wiring of your intercom, so you can make sure that the initial state can be restored at any time.
  3. If you have a nello one, locate the cable that is connected to port 5 of the nello. This cable (often the grey cable) leads from nello port 5 to a specific port of your intercom phone.
  4. Pull all cables that are in this port of your intercom phone (your intercom is silent now, but since you still want to receive push notifications on your nello app, we continue with step 5).
  5. Connect the cables you’ve pulled out of the port to the connection clamp (this way you’ll still receive notifications on your smartphone, every time someone rings at your doorbell).
  6. Done! Have fun testing.

Do you know any other models that you can easily put in silent mode? Or do you just want to tell us about your experiences? Then just write to us at