Is the intercom doomed for revolution?

The intercom is a pretty neat invention, just ask anyone who lives more than ten floors up. This small, walkie-talkie-like dreamboat of a device means that you can control the door to your building, without ever having to leave your apartment. This means no uninvited guests, no unnecessary stair climbing, and only the very occasional new drunk friend who buzzes the wrong apartment by mistake. Who wouldn’t want an intercom?

For such a great invention, it does have a few drawbacks though. First of all, why is it so ugly? Sure, this is not a deal breaker, but who doesn’t change their appearance at least once in 50 years? We don’t enjoy looking at it. Second of all, the intercom works just fine, essentially delivering audio/visual messages that waver between clear and inaudibly crackly, but why hasn’t it evolved even slightly? Why is the sound not crystal clear and why is it that we can book a cab from any barstool, but not buzz someone into our apartment from our sofa?


Needs change and humans get more demanding, yet for some reason the intercom has rudely ignored its evolutionary destiny to become smarter. Come on intercom, it’s time to reevaluate yourself. It doesn’t make any sense that a single intercom button is pressed multiple times a day by a multitude of people, yet nobody has thought to make it more in sync with our human habits. Everyone knows that when a delivery person calls, you’re either occupying the local store or occupying the bathroom; one of life’s common minor cruelties. Sometimes rushing to the door just isn’t practical. In fact, even when you reach the door, you still have that awkward ‘stand and wait for them to get to your apartment’ time to kill.

What people need is a way to operate their intercom, both when they’re relaxing at home and at the beach. Well, we wanted to make this happen – fixing the intercom became our Everest.


And hell yeah we’ve conquered it.

nello is a magical combination of software and hardware that instantly upgrades any existing intercom. By connecting your system to the cloud, the nello app lets you operate your intercom from wherever you are, using only your smartphone. We often send ourselves a ‘welcome home’ package, before we even board the plane home.

nello has bigger dreams than being a remote control. It also allows you to schedule time windows that allow access to anyone who presses the ‘call’ button within a set time frame. You also have the option to go completely keyless, using the proximity of your smartphone to unlock your door. Phone detected = hands-free access. Boom. This is particularly handy (ironic) when carrying bicycles or, you know, twelve boxes of pizza.

It is like having your own doorman, in your pocket (or wherever you keep your phone).

Before nello stepped in, it had been more than 50 years since anyone nudged the intercom into the present day. Finally, we’re very happy to say, a smarter and more convenient future has arrived.

nello enjoys taking long walks on the beach with you, find out more about it here.

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