Today we want to show you how easy it is to connect nello one with Homey. But what is Homey exactly? The Dutch startup Athom offers you with Homey a hub for your Smart Home. The Homey hardware is white, round and reminds us a bit of a crystal ball.

The Gateway Homey helps you to combine all your smart devices with each other.

The exciting thing about Homey is that the smart control center makes it easy to integrate many different brands and devices. Not only nello one, but also tado, Nuki, Sonos, Philips Hue or Netatmo can be connected to Homey. In contrast to Alexa, for example, Homey is not primarily designed as a language assistant, but as a smart home hub.

Connecting devices takes place via the apps provided by Homey.

To connect your nello one with Homey, you first need the Homey hardware. You can buy it at the Homey’s site or at Amazon. Setting up Homey and connecting other devices is not difficult. The Homey App and the whole setup process is available in English, German and of course Dutch. And this is how nello Homey networking works:

  1. First you have to download the Homey App (Android or iOS) and set up an account.
  2. Then you have to navigate to “More” in the control bar of the Homey App and select “Apps”
  3. Here you can add the desired Homey App, in our case nello by Athom
  4. After the successful integration of the Athom nello App, you can now select “Devices” in the control bar and add nello.
  5. The whole thing is verified by registering with the nello App Credentials – and tada.. everything is connected!

The routines or “flows” are easy to create via the app.

What we like a lot are the routines called “Flows” in Homey. The creation is self-explanatory and offers many possibilities – there is really something for everyone. The events that you can choose are called “cards” in the Homey app.
You have the choice to access the following nello activities:

  • “Unlocked in the nello app”, opening by e.g. Swipe to Unlock or Widget
  • “Unlocked because closeby”, opening by Homezone Unlock
  • “Unlocked because of time window”,
  • or “Doorbell rang but not unlocked”

Our conclusion: It’s fun with Homey.

We have tried different things and really have to admit that it is really very easy to realize different flows! For example, Homey’s light ring can be made to pulsate or light up as soon as the bell rings. And of course, you can choose the colour of your choice. Pretty cool if you have muted your bellt, but still want to be made aware of the ringing. Homey can also talk to us, so we’ll have Homey announce our packages to us as soon as the door is opened for a time window. So… what are you up to?