nello is revolutionizing deliveries

nello is an app that has revolutionized the convenience economy, giving users the benefit of being able to receive an unattended delivery, any time of the day.

Both delivery drivers and service providers are able to access apartment buildings using nello, without the need of a physical key or waiting for an intercom to buzz from inside the building. nello gives both users and service providers the ultimate convenience of being able to deliver items any time of day, regardless of whether the receiver is at home.


Users of nello can receive all packages, which means they can avoid trips to parcel lockers and lengthy Post Office queues, or having to bother their neighbors for their packages during the evening. Users can simply arrive home to find their package waiting for them safely outside their apartment door, and will have been notified of the access to their building.

This is hugely convenient for individuals using nello, but it also brings with it some huge benefits to the companies delivering items, and to the economy of the city as a whole.

For delivery drivers, it means that they will no longer have to make multiple trips to the same apartment, that leaves a faster delivery time, means less fuel usage, less travelling through slow and busy traffic, and a much greener footprint. nello also means that delivery drivers won’t have to battle the congestion of rush hour traffic, because they will suddenly have the ability to deliver packages successfully and safely at any time of the day.


Time is the major factor that is saved here, not only is the apartment door delivery successful on the first attempt, but time is saved at the intercom system too, giving drivers much faster entry into the apartment building.

Many companies currently offer their customers a two-hour time windows, notifying customers as to when to expect their deliveries. These, however, are quite expensive for companies, as it involves organizing their route around allocated time slots. Optimizing deliveries by route is much easier and cost effective for a company, a solution that nello provides.

Customer service is also improved with nello - parcels reach their customers first time, which will see a huge reduction in mis-deliveries and that means less service calls to the company, of people trying to track down their parcels. Ultimately, nello leads to much happier customers.


Using nello is a great way for companies to differentiate their service, as they are able to offer their customers flexible delivery times that guarantee their package will be waiting for them, whether they are home or not. Fewer and fewer people are at home during the day, especially those living in the city, and nello is the ideal service for these apartment dwellers in need of your business.

Apartment living just got smarter, could your service become smarter too? Say hello to nello.

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