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Smart office access for your employees

Wednesday morning, 9:05 a.m. at the office. The day begins with full concentration. The coffee cup in the left hand, computer mouse in the right hand and focused on the screen. Suddenly “DING DONG” rings. Open the door and get… Continue Reading →

A as in Alexa and API – Control your nello one via voice

Whether you are standing on the last rung of the ladder. Whether you have your hands in the kneading dough. Or you are simply lying a little too comfortably on the sofa – there are many reasons for using Amazon’s… Continue Reading →

Kickstarter – Hall of Fame | Thanks for your support

It all started in 2015 at Kickstarter. At that time, nello was still called monkey, but the idea of an intercom upgrade in the form of a Wifi chip was the same. Altogether 1081 smart home fans worldwide have supported… Continue Reading →

5 solutions for the key handover

If the topic of “key handover” wouldn’t be always so time-consuming, renting the holiday home would be even more fun. We have collected the best solutions for you. (Incidentally not only interesting for hosts, also Airbnb fans can look forward… Continue Reading →

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