Wednesday morning, 9:05 a.m. at the office. The day begins with full concentration. The coffee cup in the left hand, computer mouse in the right hand and focused on the screen. Suddenly “DING DONG” rings. Open the door and get back to work… This process is repeated several times a day in many offices. And then there are the countless logisticians who interrupt the workflow. And to be honest, it’s usually just annoying. Now there are a few things you can do about it. So you can give each employee key and hope not to have to change the locking system too often. How nice would it be to have a smart office access?

Enter your office in a smarter way.

If you have an existing door buzzer, you can connect nello one to your intercom via WiFi: What’s the benefit? Now, you can access your office with the nello app. And even better, you can share digital keys with your employees. This makes the smart door opener particularly interesting for small companies. Why? Because nello one is easy to install (DIY-installation) and affordable. After installation, the administrator can add additional users to the app and assign them individual user rights.

With nello one you can enable smart office access. Every employee comes to the office with his smartphone. At which times the door buzzer can be activated via app is of course determined by the admin. The activity feed is particularly handy, as it tracks who opened the door at what time.

How many doors lead to the office?

To get into the actual office, you often have to pass through a second door. The solution for the second door can be a “Smart Lock”. Depending on the manufacturer, the Smart Lock is either mounted on the inside of the door or replaces the cylinder completely. But all Smart Locks have one thing in common: Keyless access via app, which the admin can of course manage individually for his employees.