The app that adds value to smart locks

Nobody likes having to carry keys around, right? They are a pain to find, they are bulky to carry in your clothing and they’re time consuming to exchange with guests. Like many other people who regularly come and go from their city apartment, we long for a world full of keyless entry.

The invention of the smart lock was a fantastic first step towards this keyless dream. The smart lock meant that residents could open their apartment door without having to carry their apartment keys around with them everywhere they go. This opened many doors (pun intended) within the convenience economy, but there was still a problem – A key is still needed to access the main entrance of their building.


Having a main door in your apartment block that requires a key, means that residents could never get around completely keyless. Even if they had a smart lock installed onto their apartment door, residents had to carry this one key with them at all times. So for many people, installing a smart lock didn’t quite seem worth the effort. One key isn’t much less than two, are we right?

Well. Times have changed and a solution has arrived. The app nello provides apartment dwellers with the missing link that completes their longed-for keyless puzzle. nello allows residents to ditch their apartment keys completely. Using a combination of GPS and WiFi technology, nello can communicate with your entrance door as you approach it with your smartphone, you don’t even have to use your hands. The app lets you update your entry systems and essentially allows you to use your smartphone as a digital key.

For the first time ever, nello is a solution which allows you to go completely keyless. So, if you’ve been questioning the step towards installing a smart lock, teaming it with nello will give you the complete keyless package. nello works with any building door, with any intercom and can be installed without consent from your super or landlord. It has never been so simple.

Team nello with a smart lock and enjoy a completely keyless lifestyle. Imagine going for a run and not having to worry about grabbing your keys or fumbling to find them again when you return home, imagine having your hands full and being able to walk straight into your building.

nello has some huge features including sending keyless access to your service providers and guests, removing any need to organise key exchanges. Save time, enjoy a hands-free convenience and forget the burden of old fashioned keys.

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