Your keys just got smarter and safer

Imagine a world without needing apartment keys. It’s pretty nice, huh? Being able to just arrive home after a run and walk straight into your building in a way that’s safe and secure.

Why has this invention not arrived sooner? I mean who actually enjoys the concept of keys? They’re easy to lose, they’re bulky to carry, uncomfortable to sit on (accidentally, hopefully), a pain to exchange with guests and they slow us down at the worst possible times.


Does this sound familiar? Your hands are full of groceries, some crazy person shouting just a block down from you, you’re drenched in city rain and the love of your life is standing impatiently by your side with a very full bladder. There is more pressure on you at this moment than in any other. Getting into your apartment building has never been so crucial and you have to get that door open as soon as humanly possible. Of course, during this emergency, it’s in the very nature of your keys to full-on ruin your life.

nello is the solution to this problem, the digital key that unlocks more than your door, it unlocks an entirely keyless future. Where has it been all our lives? A keyless future is cool and in high demand, it makes us feel like we’re one step closer to living in a Back to the Future movie, plus it gets you into your building before the crazy person up the street makes it to your doorstep.

nello not only gives you freedom, it gives you options. Set yourself time slots that give you hands-free access and share this access with your service providers. Imagine arriving home to find your groceries waiting outside your door, imagine never missing a parcel again and never having to organise a key exchange with guests. nello makes this a reality. It is the solution that not only lets you into your apartment building hands-free, but that also lets you share this gift with whoever you please. It really is just that good.

This is the future – No need to rummage for your key-fob at the bottom of your bag, no need to grab your keycard before going for a run, simply have your smartphone close by and your smart lock will know when you’re home.

Thanks to nello, your smartphone can become your digital key, the only one you’ll need.

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