nello one

nello one connects your intercom with your smartphone and Wi-Fi.

nello one is the smart upgrade for your intercom. The Wi-Fi-enabled chip detects when someone rings your bell, the nello app informs you and nello one can instantly open the front door for you – no matter where you are.

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Open your main entrance door without a key.

You can now open your front door from anywhere via app - simply install nello one directly on your existing intercom phone in your apartment.

Easy to install

You can easily install nello one yourself - just connect it to the intercom in your apartment.

Safety 2.0

We use state-of-the-art encryption algorithms (TLS 1.2 & AES-256) to protect your digital key.

No approval required

You can install nello one without the permission of your landlord.

nello app

Share virtual keys with people you trust.

With nello you can share access to your main entrance door digitally. Just invite your visitors to the nello app and decide when exactly they are allowed to enter. And of course, you can give your roommates full admin rights, so they can also give restricted access to the cleaning service.

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Our best features at a glance

Swipe to Unlock

A swipe over your smartphone is enough and nello one opens the door for you.

Homezone Unlock

Thanks to GPS your nello one knows when you come home and opens the main entrance door for you - after a simple ring on your door bell.

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed is your logbook - you can check if someone rang your doorbell and who entered.

Let your favorite service providers in.

With the nello app, you can open your front door simply by swiping over your mobile phone. Give access to your parcel or pizza delivery or even your fortune messenger.

Your smart doorman - even smarter.

Smart HomeIntegrate your nello one into your Smart Home.

Now, you can control your nello one via Amazon Alexa's voice control or our Public API.

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Hallway DeliveriesHave your parcels delivered to your apartment door.

With nello, you can open your main entrance door for your parcel carriers at any time. Quite handy for all online shoppers who are never at home when their parcels arrive.

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Smart LockChoose your favorite Smart Lock

Enable complete keyless access - nello one opens your main entrance door and your favorite Smart Lock is taking care of your apartment door.

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Complete keyless access for you

nello one opens your main entrance door

A Smart Lock opens your apartment door


What people think about nello

iOS Review

Using nello for work and very happy with the keyless entry. Looking forward to some new smart home features.

iOS Review

The app is really well designed - like the style.

iOS Review

Excellent customer service! What are you waiting for? Order yours today!

iOS Review

I backed this project in 2015 and it finally arrived last week. Although almost a year late, I appreciated the transparency around the issues!

The App Master Germany
iOS Review

Clear and concise setup.

Espen Medbo

nello one

Our nello 30-Days Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you are not absolutely happy with your nello one, you can return it for a full refund.