Danalock V3 motor lock with bluetooth

The Danalock V3 is a wireless smart lock that lets you easily control access to your home with your smartphone.

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    What can you buy?

    Danalock V3
    The new Danalock V3 sets new standards. Thanks to a new DC motor, the new Danalock rotates 4 x faster and with 1.5 Newton meters is twice as powerful as its predecessor V2. Thanks to the new clever clutch inside the Danalock, you no longer have to turn the gearbox. The worldwide unique AES-256-bit encryption completes the security package.
    Standard cylinder
    • Length-adjustable cylinder with Danalock adaption
    • With security card
    • Three keys included in delivery
    • Lock security class 6 according to DIN EN 1303
    • 6 hardened pins with impact protection
    • Inside length: 25-60 mm
    • Outer length: 36-67 mm
    • Adjustable in length
    Danalock Bridge
    • Bluetooth WiFi Bridge to control the Danalock via the Internet
    • Remote access
    • Enables control by cloud-to-cloud web services such as IFTTT
    • Power supply socket 230V
    • Cable included in scope of delivery


    Benefits at a glance


    Danalock uses a unique AES 256-bit encryption technology for the V3 model. Each bit and byte is doubly encrypted and therefore protected from external access. The Danalock encryption concept is as secure as online banking.


    The door lock is battery-operated (4x CR123A) and requires neither WiFi nor an external power supply. The batteries must be changed approximately once a year, depending on use. The Danalock Germany app always informs you about the battery status.

    Battery empty? No problem.

    After installation, the door can still be opened or closed from the outside with a physical key. The Danalock can be turned manually on the inside of the door.


    Just let Danalock lock the door behind you. The Auto-Lock feature locks your door automatically after a time you set.

    Flexible access control

    No matter where you are, send an access authorization to other people comfortably from on the way. It's just as easy to revoke access rights via the app.

    Full overview

    As an administrator, keep track of all activities and check who entered or left your home and when.


    Easy do-it-yourself installation

    Danalock V3 is suitable for any door with a mechanical Euro-profile cylinder. During installation, the existing cylinder is simply replaced by the Danalock cylinder and the motor lock is screwed to it. The installation requires no drilling.

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