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How can I open the door with nello one?

Is nello one only for me?

How secure is nello one?

Is it possible to speak to the person ringing?

How does the power supply work for nello one?

Can I always leave my key at home when I have a nello one?

App features

How can I set up time windows?

How can I add other users?

What is the difference between restricted and unrestricted access?

What can I change in the general settings in the nello app?

How many users can I invite in the nello app to my location?

What happens when I am at home and somebody rings my bell?

How does Homezone Unlock work?

I would like to use my nello one and the nello app on several of my devices (for example business mobile phone, private mobile phone or tablet) at the same time. Is that possible?

I have several nello one for different apartments. How can I display all my nello one locations in the nello app?

AXA parcel insurance

How can I book the AXA parcel insurance?

What is included in the AXA parcel insurance

How much does the AXA parcel insurance cost?

Is there a minimum contract period for the AXA parcel insurance?

What does the AXA insurance cover?

In which countries is nello AXA parcel insurance available?

What do I need to do in case something got stolen?

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