Smart Key Sharing

Your digital key - your user managament.

You decide who is allowed to enter your home - no more copying keys. You can easily grant access rights in the nello app at any time.

3 possibilities for Key Sharing

Smart LockAbsolutely digital

Soon you can control different Smart Locks with nello - enabeling completely keyless access from just one app - the nello app.

Deposited keyPerfectly hidden

Invite your guests via the nello app so that they can pass the first door. You can hide the key for your apartment door at an agreed location.

Key safeSafely locked away

Let nello one welcome your guests to your hallway and put the key for your apartment door in a key safe.

nello one simplifies your everyday life

User Management

Invite your guests to use your nello. Just invite them to use the nello app and determine access rights.


Ideal for all of you that often invite Airbnb guests and can’t always be there for the key handover.

Cleaning Service

Especially handy for your dear cleaning service - just create a time window and get notified when your cleaning service entered.

Elderly Care

In elderly care, nello proves to be a helpful friend, because the person to be cared for doesn’t have to hurry to press the door opening button, one can simply use the nello app.

Dog Walking

You can control a lot, but if the dog has to, then he has to - there isn’t a long time for key handover. nello and one of the examples listed above will help.


When your home becomes a construction site, you don’t always have to be in the middle of it, just to open the door by setting a time window via the nello app.