nello App

Your digital key is from now on always with you - the nello app. A must have for all online shoppers who are masters in missing their parcels. But beyond that, there are endless uses cases for your nello. You and your friends can use the nello App and all our amazing features for free.

Keyless entry.

3 great ways to enter the building.

Swipe to Unlock

Someone rings at your door - and with a simple swipe on your smartphone, nello one opens your main entrance door. That's really convenient, if your deliverer or cleaning service rings and you are not at home.

Homezone Unlock

Your key is hiding in your pocket? No problem, thanks to GPS your nello one knows when you come home and opens the main entrance door for you - with a simple ring on your door bell. And you can decide if and when your Homezone Unlock is active, simply set your radius and timeout directly in the nello app.

Time Windows

If you activate a time window, nello one opens your main entrance door in this specific timeframe when someone rings your bell. Our special feature: we have programmed nello one in a way that it opens your door - but always with a different time delay. It is impossible to tell, if you or your nello one opened the door. A time window is especially convenient for your parcel carrier, your delivery service or even your party guests - since they don’t need a smartphone to enter.

Full control.

Anytime and from anywhere.

User Management

Invite your friends, roommates or your dear mother-in-law to the nello app, so that they can enter your hallway, too. You can decide with whom you want to share admin rights directly in the nello app. You can share access with up to 10 persons. For example, give full admin rights to your roommates, so that they can use all of the app features to full extent. But as nice as your cleaning service may be, permanent access is not necessary.

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed is your nello one's logbook - you can check if someone rang your doorbell, which app user entered the building, and if nello opened the door. And because we've been asked many times: our activity feed doesn’t show if someone leaves the building.

Push Notifications

nello always tells you directly if someone rang your bell by sending you instant notifications. This feature is amazing when the baby is already asleep and you put your door bell on mute, or you're listening to music at such a volume that you don’t even hear the ringing sound. In addition, you'll also get notified when you're on the road or when the front door has been opened via Homezone Unlock.

Manage Multiple Locations

You can manage more than one location in the nello app. In the settings menu you can find an overview of all your locations - whether you live there yourself or you have been invited to a location.