nello Hallway Access

As a logistics company, optimize your delivery operations for the last mile and maximize customer satisfaction

With nello Hallway Access, your parcel couriers can digitally open the main entrance door of apartment buildings. During the absence of the residents, packages and parcels can be cost-effectively delivered in the hallway.

Customer Satisfaction

Delight your customers

The customer expects a package, you deliver it and ... quite often your drivers don’t meet anyone. That's over now, because nello gives you keyless access to the hallway - anytime. nello Hallway Access marks a new era in the delivery process adapting to the flexibility of your clients.

nello enables the most convenient and efficient delivery modes.

Cost Savings

Reduce your costs per delivery by over 70%

There are two types of delivery, which are focusing on customer needs: Scheduled and time window based deliveries. However, these two options are anything but cost-efficient, as both of them negatively impact your delivery rate per hour. nello Hallway Access allows your drivers to deliver during the absence of the residents or during the night - so you can optimize your route and significantly increase your delivery rate per hour.

Fixed costs

Cost per delivery (€)

Regular time window delivery(5 deliveries per hour)*
Unattended night deliveries(20 deliveries per hour)*
*Based on McKinsey study „An integrated perspective on the future of mobility, part 2: Transforming urban delivery” September 2017.

nello enables two new delivery options

Unattended hallway delivery

Your customers are typically not at home during the day. Still, people would love to receive their parcels at home. nello grants guaranteed access to the hallway.

Overnight hallway delivery

Additionally, nello makes it possible to access the hallway of apartment buildings at night - without even ringing the bell. This enables maximum efficiency in route planning and an ideal utilization of vehicles. This option makes your starches come into their own, especially when it comes to food delivery.


Integrate nello into your process

nello doesn’t change your existing processes, but optimizes them. You continue doing what you are best in: logistics. And we offer you different variants of integrating the digital key for your customers’ main entrance door.


Which advantages does nello Hallway Access offer me?


Which variant is the right one for me?


Integrate nello into your backend or handhelds.


Show your innovative strength and delight your customers.

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