nello Inside

Integrate nello into your intercom systems

With nello Inside, intercom manufacturers can easily and quickly integrate all nello features into their product portfolio. Intercom phones that are connected to the internet can be controlled with the nello and the proprietary manufacturer app.


Offer your customers the best features

With nello Inside, any intercom connected to the internet can be controlled via the nello app. As a result, all nello features are available to users - without any effort. The nello features range from keyless access and control functions to integration with parcel services and smart home platforms.

Keyless entry

Swipe to Unlock

Homezone Unlock

Time Windows

Smart Lock Integrations


User Management

Activity Feed

Push Notification

Audio & Video streaming


Hallway Deliveries

Smart Home Integrations

nello Cloud

Simply connect to the nello platform

With nello Inside you can use the same infrastructure that we use for nello one. Regardless of whether you produce the internet-capable hardware yourself or purchase it, the connection to the nello Cloud is very simple. Moreover, you can connect your own cloud via REST API with little effort. This allows users to control their system with the nello app or the proprietary manufacturer app.

Internet connected intercoms


nello app

Benefit from nello Inside

Lower development costs

We have already successfully launched WiFi upgrades for intercom phones and operate the corresponding server and app infrastructure. We will provide you with this infrastructure without you having to make an upfront investment.

Reduce your risk

Build on our years of experience with nello one. Our development team has already mastered numerous challenges, so you don't have to pay any more training money. With this wealth of experience, you can reduce the risk of wrong decisions enormously.

Recurring revenues

Offer internet-enabled upgrades for residents of apartment buildings and single-family homes to generate additional revenue.

Short time to market

Bring innovative solutions to market as quickly as possible with nello Inside. Benefit from an almost unfair time advantage over competitors.

Best user experience

We take care of improving the user experience of our nello app every day. Thus, iOS and Android are always up to date and customers can enjoy a smooth customer experience.

Highest security standards

The cloud has many advantages, but also many potential weaknesses. We are digital natives and always rely on the latest security technologies.


Let’s work together

You continue doing what you are best in: Hardware development and sales. We assist you with our backend and app know-how and give you access to nello Cloud.


Learn about how nello Inside works


Let us plan together how to bring your intercoms online


Develop and connect to the nello cloud


Launch innovative new app-driven solutions

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Together, we’ll bring your intercom systems to the 21st century. We look forward to working with you.

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