nello one

nello one upgrades your existing intercom in your apartment and allows you to control it via the app.

  • Open your main entrance door without a key
  • Be notified about bell rings
  • Delivery time: Germany 1-3 | International 10-15 working days
  • Free shipping and an amazing 30-days return policy

149.00129.00(incl. VAT & free Shipping)

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Learn how the nello magic works.

Illustrating how nello works - step-1
You request a door opening.
Illustrating how nello works - step-2
Your command is forwarded via WiFi.
Illustrating how nello works - step-3
nello one opens the door for you.

nello app

Swipe to Unlock

Someone rings at your door bell? With just one swipe on your smartphone, nello one opens the door for you - no matter if you are sitting on your couch or on the train.

nello app

Swipe to Unlock

Someone rings at your door bell? With just one swipe on your smartphone, nello one opens the door for you - no matter if you are sitting on your couch or on the train.

Supercap Inside

Inside of nello one, we have used a powerful supercap that charges fast and provides a stable WiFi connection.

Supercap Inside
EnergySupercap Inside

Product development often raises the question how to provide the optimal power supply. In many cases, the only answer is: let’s use a power plug. But the little nello one with a plug? Thanks to our supercap inside, that’s not necessary. It charges within 2 minutes and provides a stable WiFi connection.

Wi-Fi Connected

nello one connects your intercom to your Wi-Fi and communicates with our cloud. Ideal because everyone has Wi-Fi at home.

Wi-Fi Connected
ConnectivityWi-Fi Connected

nello one transmits bell and door buzzer signals of your intercom via Wi-Fi to our nello cloud. The nello app is connected with our cloud. This setting allows you to remotely open your door at any time, without a bridge.

Smart LED

The LED cannot only display the current operating state. Our small light sensor ensures secure transmission of your Wi-Fi access data.

Smart LED
Data TransferSmart LED

The LED on your nello one can indicate not only the current operating state through its flashing modes, but also has a small light sensor, which is used for secure data transmission. How and when? During the installation, you are asked to keep your mobile screen close to the LED - your credentials are translated into light patterns, so that nello one can connect to your router. That’s how we keep you safe from hackers.

Intelligent Interface

Our smart chip is compatible with a wide variety of technologies: no matter whether bus, direct-wired or hybrid systems.

Intelligent Interface
CompatibilityIntelligent Interface

No matter if Siedle, Ritto, STR Elektronik, TCS, Bticino or SKS - nello one serves them all, with our one and only hardware. And our developers are constantly decoding new systems in our lab.

Easy setup

Everything you need for the installation comes in the nello box. The nello app guides you step by step through the whole installation process. And it’s quick – most people install nello one in 15 minutes or less.

Our Compatibility-Check

Do you want to know if nello one supports your intercom as well? Simply enter the brand of your system first and select your model in the next step. If you need help, choose "I don’t know my brand/model".

Why people use nello one

Easy to install

You can easily install nello one yourself, without an electrician. Just connect it to the intercom in your apartment. It is a low voltage system, so it’s completely safe to install - you don’t even have to switch off the power or remove the fuse.

Security 2.0

To protect your digital key, we use the latest encryption algorithms. Firstly, we use TLS 1.2 between backend and our app and secondly, we use AES-256 between backend and hardware. Each nello one receives its own unique 256-bit key which is never transferred - it is only stored on the hardware itself.

No approval required

You can install nello one without the permission of your landlord. In addition, you can buzz anyone in that you want to buzz in - as a tenant you are not required to control who enters the common hallway.

No physical modification

When connecting nello one to your intercom, the existing cabling remains as it is. Your nello one is simply connected as an addition. No drilling, no hammering - just use the screwdriver and the sticker we've sent you in the nello box. You can even take nello one with you when you move out. All “changes” are fully reversible – just unplug nello.

Continuously improved

The nello team loves feedback - and satisfied customers. That's why we listen to your ideas and wishes. We steadily improve our app and develop new features. Stay tuned - we have great plans for the future!

Made in Germany

The product development took place in Germany (okay, let’s deduct the 3 months that we worked in New York). Our nello office is in Munich and our product, the nello one chip, is produced in Germany as well.

The perfect combination - nello one and your favorite Smart Lock.