Aluminum door knob

To optionally turn the lock by hand

Button on Smart Lock

for motorized locking and unlocking and to activate Lock ’n’ Go

LED Ring

indicates the status of your door lock (locked/unlocked)

Bluetooth 4.0

to communicate with authorized smartphones

Independent power supply

with 4 standard AA-batteries

Easy installation on top of your existing door lock

Smart Lock installation

Nuki can be easily installed on the inside of your door, on top of your existing lock and key. Depending on the height of the lock cylinder, the Smart Lock can be clamped on it, or glued to the door. The key will be operated by Nuki as soon as you have configured your Smart Lock with the Nuki app.

Bridge – plug in

Put your Nuki Bridge in a power plug within 5m distance from your Smart Lock.

Further Smart Locks