SimonsVoss digital locking system

The digital locking system was specially developed for SMEs and gives you access to the state of the art in locking technology. The MobileKey replaces your old keys with a digital locking system. The Set includes everything what you need: MobileKey digital locking cylinder, MobileKey Starter Set 1 (consisting of 3 transponders and 1 USB config device), the MobileKey Smart Bridge, installation key and an external plug-in power supply.

  • The installation is completely cable-free
  • Lost transponders can be deactivated without problems, no need to change cylinders
  • Subsequent changes of access, e.g. when changing tenants, are possible without any problems

1050.00(Link to Amazon: Price may differ)

System components

What’s in the Box?


The perfect solution for small to medium sized companies

MobileKey is set up and managed using an app. The app can be run on all internet-ready devices such as PCs, tablet PCs, Macs or smartphones. The web app data are transmitted to the SimonsVoss server, where they are applied as a locking plan and then sent back to the web app. Your data is stored on an audited SimonsVoss server in Munich, Germany. No need to worry about data security and data management: security takes top security.

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