Make your intercom smart.

nello one upgrades your existing intercom

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4 ways to open your main entrance door


Simply walk to your door to get hands-free access to your building based on GPS.


Feeling lazy? Just tell Amazon Alexa to open the door for you.


Open your door via the nello app - from anywhere in the world.


Setup time-windows to automatically buzz in service providers or guests without smartphone.

How nello one works

Step 1

With nello you can open your main entrance door based on your location, with voice commands, with the nello app or a pre-defined time window. These commands are securely transmitted to the nello cloud.

Access your home without keys by integrating smart locks

Nello is super secure

nello is way more secure than physical keys because the nello keys are digital and impossible to duplicate. You are in full control over who you send your digital keys to. For extra peace of mind, the nello app shows you all past activity and notifies you of access times. Safely share keys with family, friends and service providers, without needing to exchange keys face-to-face.

Give automatic access to unattended services such as cleaning services, packages and groceris deliveries

Installing nello one is very easy.

1 Open intercom

2 Connect nello one to your intercom

3 Use your smartphone to configure your nello one

It also works with every intercom

It also works with every intercom

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Keyless access for service providers that you control

Give service providers access to your building by setting up pre-defined time windows and nello will let them in automatically when they buzz your apartment. Some service providers will be integrated into the nello app, meaning they won’t even have to buzz. The app will notify you of every entry.

Keyless access to your appartment


With nello zen you can insure all the deliveries which are put in front of your apartment door. The service will be offered in the app and will initially only be available in Germany. To stay up to date, please subscribe to our newsletter.

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How nello one looks like

Access your home without keys by integrating smart locks

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  • Keyless Entry
  • Unattended Services
  • App Management
  • Upgrade Chip

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