Hello from nello

In a world where smartphones act more like personal assistants, we think of nello as your virtual doorman - an app that has brought apartment living into the 21st century.

We saw a problem with the outdated intercom

Fewer people are at home during the day, yet daytime convenience services are used more and more. nello is a secure solution to this problem, giving users hands-free, keyless and controllable access to their intercom when they’re not at home.

People don't have time to wait around

Whether that’s for service providers, key exchanges with guests, or waiting at home for deliveries, nello lets you control access to your building from anywhere in the world. By generating unique access codes, nello removes the need for time consuming face-to-face meetings and will recognize any user’s smartphone as they arrive home, providing easy, hands-free access.

People don't have time to wait around

Hello, nello

Our first mission was to unlock a more convenient future. Hello, nello. Our next mission is to share this convenience with every major city in the world.

Meet the team

The nello team is a handsome combination of six international entrepreneurs and engineers. Between us, we have created the ideal nurturing environment for an app like nello, mixing creativity with technical expertise and market experience, growing nello into the incredibly smart product it is today.


Co-founder & CEO


Co-founder, Growth & CFO


Co-founder & IT Backend


Co-founder & Mobile


Co-founder & Hardware


Embedded Software

nello first entered the world as ‘monkey’, a time that is lovingly referred to as ‘the monkey costume days’ by certain members of our team, and Kickstarter was the platform that launched us. This Kickstarter campaign more than doubled our funding goal (1,080 backers) and we have since been backed by some leading investors, including SOSV, BMW and KfW.

nello is our second successful startup, the first focused on package delivery solutions and was sold to Burg-Wächter in Germany, our home country. When first launched, nello quickly became one of the country’s top ten technology projects and later allowed us to join the Urban-X accelerator program in New York City. We spent a lot of time in New York during this program, in fact, we now feel as much at home there as we do in Munich.