Your dialer intercom just got smarter

You’re in control. Seamless and secure access management from your smartphone.

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Open your apartment door by swiping right on your mobile phoneSend your new intercom number to the building super to enable keyless accessSign up easily by providing your email address and passwordAdd schedule timings for your guests, cleaning ladies or dog walkers through the mobile app

1 Install the nello app

Simply install the nello app and register yourself as a user.

2 We create a nello phone number

The nello app will generate a forwarding phone number that will work in sync with your intercom. Your super can simply update your intercom to match this number.

3 You get keyless entry

Your intercom will now recognise all authorized smartphones, granting hands-free access to any recognised devices. For users without a smartphone, you can also set up an individual 4-digit code that nello will understand when read out.

Automatic and keyless access to friends, family and guests


nello tello gives you and your family, guests and service providers automated access to your apartment building.

Safe, secure and distinct access codes for guests and service providers

Super Secure

Nello tello generates individual codes for service providers and guests, keeping you safe and secure.

You don’t have to physically install hardware for keyless access

No Physical modification

No physical modifications to your intercom are required, nello tello works instantly with your existing intercom.

Get updates when your guests come home or when you receive a delivery package


Receive and customise your notifications. You can discover who is and isn't at home, plus which deliveries, guests and services arrive.

Install the app on iOS and android smartphones to enable keyless access


The nello app is available for iOS and
Android (soon), making it easy to manage your intercom from anywhere in the world.

You can answer the intercom by yourself or enable nello to answer intercom calls

More control

You choose who is in control. You have the choice to answer intercom calls yourself or nello can handle it all for you.

Sign up for notifications

Enter your email and we’ll let you know as soon as the Android version is ready.

Keyless access for you and your family

1You ring your bell

2Nello knows it’s you based on your GPS

3Nello Tello buzzes you in without requiring a code

Automatic door opening for you based on  your GPS location

Keyless access for service providers


Service provider rings your bell


Nello Tello answers the call and asks for a 4-digit code


Nello Tello buzzes them in if the code is correct

Automatic door opening for your service providers if they provide the right code

What nello tello can do for you

No more use of keys, give keyless access to your friends or guests

No more key exchange

Handing over keys to friends or airbnb guests is a pain, and time consuming. nello is a secure, virtual hands-free key.

Give keyless access to your service providers and never miss any of the package deliveries

Unattended deliveries

Never miss a delivery of parcels or groceries again. Integrate nello with any service provider and arrive home to find deliveries right outside your door.

Enable keyless access for unattended services such as cleaning or laundry services

Unattended home services

Give your service providers access to your apartment when you're not at home. Your housekeeper, butler or dog walker can access your apartment using a handy code provided by nello.

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Until end of October

  • Keyless Entry
  • Unattended Services
  • App Management
  • Call Forwarding